Economics Questions and Answers

  • Q1:

    Which one of the following was the Eighth Five-Year Plan period in India?

    1. (A)1990-1995
    2. (B)1992-1997
    3. (C)1993-1998
    4. (D)1994-1999

  • Q2:

    Which of the following is called a "banker's cheque"?

    1. (A)Demand Draft
    2. (B)Debit Card
    3. (C)Pay Order
    4. (D)Fixed Deposit

  • Q3:

    Which two of the following taxes are indirect taxes?

    1. (A)Sales-tax and Income-tax
    2. (B)Income-tax and Wealth-tax
    3. (C)Sales-tax and Excise duty
    4. (D)Income-tax and Excise duty

  • Q4:

    Per capita income of a country is derived from

    1. (A)Population
    2. (B)National income
    3. (C)National income and Population Bath
    4. (D)None of these

  • Q5:

    What is dual pricing?

    1. (A)Wholesale price and retail pricing
    2. (B)Pricing by agents and pricing by retailers
    3. (C)Price fixed by Government and price in open market
    4. (D)Daily prices and weekly prices
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