Indian Constitution Questions and Answers

  • Q1:

    The Constitution of India describes India as

    1. (A)a Federation of States
    2. (B)Union of States
    3. (C)Confederation of States
    4. (D)a Unitary State

  • Q2:

    The Constituent Assembly of India was set up under the

    1. (A)Cabinet Mission Plan
    2. (B)Wavell Plan
    3. (C)Mountbatten Plan
    4. (D)Indian Independence Act

  • Q3:

    In India, the authorised strength of the Supreme Court Judges, including the Chief Justice is

    1. (A)25
    2. (B)26
    3. (C)27
    4. (D)28
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  • Q4:

    Consider the following states.
    1. Arunachal Pradesh
    2. Goa
    3. Meghalaya
    4. Nagaland
    Which of these States were given the full status of Statehood in the Indian Union in 1987?

    1. (A)1 and 2
    2. (B)2 and 3
    3. (C)1 and 4
    4. (D)3 and 4
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  • Q5:

    Schedule Nine of the Indian Constitution deals with

    1. (A)subjects contained in the Union List, the State List and the Concurrent List
    2. (B)the recognition of languages
    3. (C)certain acts and regulations of State Legislatures dealing with land reforms and abolition of Zamindari
    4. (D)the territories of States and Union Territories
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