Political Science Questions and Answers

  • Q1:

    In Arthashastra, how many departments of the government find mention?

    1. (A)32
    2. (B)33
    3. (C)34
    4. (D)35

  • Q2:

    Who of the following fled Athens for Calchis, 'in order that the Athenians might not commit a second crime against philosophy'?

    1. (A)Socrates
    2. (B)Plato
    3. (C)Aristotle
    4. (D)Euclid
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  • Q3:

    Who among the following said of Rousseau, "Ardent apostle of Reason, he has done more than most to prepare the way for the age of unreason in which he live"?

    1. (A)Maxey
    2. (B)Sabine
    3. (C)Wayper
    4. (D)Karl Popper
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  • Q4:

    Who among the following compares the organisations of civil society to a powerful system of 'Fortresses and earthworks' standing behind the state?

    1. (A)McLellan
    2. (B)Bernstein
    3. (C)Lenin
    4. (D)Gramsci
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  • Q5:

    Which one of the following social contract traditions has not been revitalised by John Rawls in his book 'A Theory of Justice'?

    1. (A)Hobbes
    2. (B)John Locke
    3. (C)J.J. Rousseau
    4. (D)Immanuel Kant
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