Political Science Questions and Answers

  • Q26:

    Which of the following country is not a member of ASEAN?

    1. (A)Laos
    2. (B)Combodia
    3. (C)Vietnam
    4. (D)North Korea
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  • Q27:

    Who among the following said that "post-behaviouralism was a genuine revolution, not a reaction; a becoming, not a preservation; a reform, not a counter reformation"?

    1. (A)James Bryce
    2. (B)Charles E. Merriam
    3. (C)David Easton
    4. (D)G. A. Almond
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  • Q28:

    Who among the following said, 'we can not shed our values in the way we remove our coats'?

    1. (A)Leo Strauss
    2. (B)Alfred Cobban
    3. (C)Jean Blondel
    4. (D)David Easton
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  • Q29:

    Who among the following characterised early liberalism as 'possessive individualism'?

    1. (A)F. A. Hayek
    2. (B)Robert Nozick
    3. (C)C. B. MacPherson
    4. (D)Rawls
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  • Q30:

    Which one of the following statements is not true?

    1. (A)Marx drew distinction between 'ideology' and 'science'.
    2. (B)Napoleon denounced ideology as cloudy metaphysics that ignored history and reality.
    3. (C)de Tracy coined the term ideology.
    4. (D)Daniel Bell talked of 'ideology without an end'.
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