Sociology Questions and Answers

  • Q1:

    Who among the following propounded the concept of 'Latent' and 'Manifest' function?

    1. (A)E. Durkheim
    2. (B)R. K. Merton
    3. (C)B. Malinowaski
    4. (D)A. R. Radcliffe-Brown

  • Q2:

    Who among the following made distinction between two types of con´Čéict namely 'realistic' and 'non-realistic'?

    1. (A)Karl Marx
    2. (B)Lewis A. Coser
    3. (C)George Simmel
    4. (D)R. Dahrendorf

  • Q3:

    In which of the following sampling methods, equal number of units are selected from each substratum regardless of their strength in the population and sub-population?

    1. (A)Simple random sampling
    2. (B)Stratified random sampling
    3. (C)Proportionate stratified random sampling
    4. (D)Disproportionate stratified random sampling
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  • Q4:

    Cumulative frequency curve is known as—

    1. (A)Ogive
    2. (B)Histogram
    3. (C)Frequency polygon
    4. (D)None of the above

  • Q5:

    Who has made distinction between normal and pathological function?

    1. (A)Radcliffe Brown
    2. (B)T. Parsons
    3. (C)E. Durkheim
    4. (D)M. Weber
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