Sociology Questions and Answers

  • Q31:

    When a person finds himself/herself playing two or more roles at one time that make incompatible demands, is an example of—

    1. (A)Status Consistency
    2. (B)Role Conflict
    3. (C)Conjugal Role
    4. (D)Role Distance
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  • Q32:

    The prestige or 'social honour' associated with a particular position in an occupation within a community is known as—

    1. (A)Status Situation
    2. (B)Status Passage
    3. (C)Status Group
    4. (D)Status Symbol
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  • Q33:

    Which among the following is not the example of Gemeinschaft relationships?

    1. (A)Personal
    2. (B)Informal
    3. (C)Sentimental
    4. (D)Utilitarian
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  • Q34:

    The term 'norm', in Sociology, means-

    1. (A)standard pattern in a social setting
    2. (B)standard or rule for a social setting
    3. (C)standard or rule regulating behaviour in a social setting
    4. (D)regular behaviour of individuals in social setting

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