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The services of is you can use the services of, if and only if you comply with our Terms of Service. It is important to note here that we are at our liberty to update the Terms, Privacy Policy. Therefore, prior to using this website, you need to know about our (updated) policy. You will get the updated terms and conditions right here in this page. Use of our site is strictly for those who abide by our Terms, Conditions and Policies. Therefore, read the below-given information carefully.


We at operate with the objective of collecting and sharing questions and answers that are asked in several interviews of competitive examinations. We collect data through the students. All the data happen to be based on their memories. Our site therefore does not guaranty the re-occurrences or repetition of any or more number of question/s. Though every effort is spared to diligently compile the information that we receive from our enthusiastic students, we do not claim to contain in our website the exact copy of all the questions asked in an interview. The very purpose of our website is to provide information to the students, and not to hunt for exact content. does also absolve from its responsibility for any damages/consequences that might occur due to the inclusion of some incorrect content or information in this site. So, the users are deemed to avail these information at their own risk only. We do not have any liability for any dispute regarding ownership, copyright or trademarks of the data submitted to this site. Apart from these, we also declare that all trademarks and company names that are published in this website are subjected to their respected owners and companies.


We at provides registration facilities as optional service to our visitors. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the visitors can register to our website on their own interest, however it is not compulsory. All the registrants are however are allowed to maintain and modify the data submitted to the site. The personal information that we get from various users are safe and secure. We do not, in any circumstances distribute or share to any third party unless asked by the court of law.

By filling the registration form and submitting it to us, you are deemed to agree to our Terms and Conditions. We verify the accuracy of personal information shared by you with us and then decide accordingly. It our prerogative to either suspend or delete any user permanently, based on the inaccuracy of the information, or contradictory of our Terms and Conditions in any manner.

4. Anti-Spam Policy

We at is completely against sending any unsolicited emails. We therefore do not allow our users to use our referral or email services. You are warned to use any of our services for your personal or commercial purposes. By the use of our services, you shall be deemed to agree to our policies. Violation of any of these policies in any manner will attract strict and stern action under the respective laws.


All the pages, data, graphics, etc. represented on this website are the Intellectual Property Rights on You are strictly prohibited to redistribute or reproduce in any form, manner, etc. except the explicit written permission of We harbor profound respects for the copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property of others and hence we do except the same for our site. If you also find any content contained in this site that is owned by you, or any content that violates your Intellectual Property Rights, we are bound to do all that is necessary in this regard. Just contact to us with all necessary documents/information that gives you authority on what you claim.


Your personal information, email that you have shared with us will not be shared or distributed to any third party. The only purpose of fetching all these is to improve our services. We may change any or the entire privacy policy with or without any prior notice to our users.

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