Solved Paper

Held On: 05-08-2018
General Knowledge and General Science
  • Q1:

    Which one of the following judges of Supreme Court of India has not worked in Rajasthan High Court as judge?

    1. (A) Justice A. K. Mathur
    2. (B) Justice N. M. Kasliwal
    3. (C) Justice R. C. Lahoti
    4. (D) Justice B. S. Chouhan
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  • Q2:

    Who among the following has held the post of Protem Speaker, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly?

    1. (A) Shantilal Chaplot
    2. (B) Poonam Chand Vishnoi
    3. (C) Paras Ram Maderna
    4. (D) Niranjan Nath Aacharya
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