Time Speed and Distance Questions and Answers

  • Q1:

    In a journey of 160 km, a train covers the distance 120 km at a speed of 80 km/h and the remaining distance at 40 km/h. The average speed of the train for the whole journey is

    1. (A)60 km/h
    2. (B)64 km/h
    3. (C)68 km/h
    4. (D)72 km/h
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  • Q2:

    A man rows upstream 13km  and downstream 28km taking 5 hours each time. What is the speed of the current?

    1. (A)5 km p.h.
    2. (B)3 km p.h.
    3. (C)1.5 km p.h.
    4. (D)1 km p.h.
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  • Q3:

    Walking \(\frac{3}{4}\) of one's usual rate, a man is \(1 \frac{1}{2}\) hours late. Find the usual rate.

    1. (A)\(3 \text{ hrs}\)
    2. (B)\(4 \frac{1}{2} \text{ hrs}\)
    3. (C)\(12 \text{ hrs}\)
    4. (D)\(5 \frac{1}{2} \text{ hrs}\)
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  • Q4:

    A train travelling 25 km an hour leaves Aligarh at 9 a.m. and another train travelling 35 km an hour starts at 2 p.m. in the same direction. How many km from Aligarh will the be together?

    1. (A)\(407\frac{1}{2}\text{km}\)
    2. (B)\(417\frac{1}{2}\text{km}\)
    3. (C)\(750\text{km}\)
    4. (D)\(437\frac{1}{2}\text{km}\)
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  • Q5:

    Two trains travel in the same direction at 56 km and 29 km an hour and the faster train passes a man in the slower train in 16 seconds. Find the length of the faster train.

    1. (A)200 m
    2. (B)112 m
    3. (C)240 m
    4. (D)120 m
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